It is our great honour and privilege to announce the Steinþór Baldursson Memorial, which is an open youth championship for players born 1997-2003 and are above 1750 ELO rating.


We hope you can participate in the strongest junior tournament in Iceland ever!




  • Age limit: Born 1997-2003
  • Rating limit: At least 1750 ELO

The Organizers reserve the right to allow players who do not meet the above requirements to participate. Lower rated players will not exceed 20% of the total pool of participants.

Please contact to apply for an exemption from the minimum requirements.

System and rate of play:

The tournament shall be played according to the Swiss system with the time limit 90 minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds per move. The tournament is of course ELO rated, and the games will be broadcasted live.


  1. €1.000
  2. €500
  3. €300
  4. €200

The prices are not shared.

Playing Venue:

The official venue is Stúkan in Kópavogur which has a great playing hall that has been used twice for the Icelandic Chess Championship.


The Organizing Committee has secured a special deal on accommodation at BB44-Homestay

Contact for further information and/or reservation.


  1. Thursday, January 4th, 11:00
  2. Thursday, January 4th 17:00
  3. Friday, January 5th, 11:00
  4. Friday, January 5th, 17:00
  5. Saturday, January 6th, kl.11:00
  6. Saturday, January 6th, 11:00
  7. Sunday, January 7th, 11:00


Registration and registered players:


Contact information: Gunnar Björnsson, president of Icelandic Chess Federation,